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Wood Tray, Wood Soap Tray, Wooden Soap Tray, Wooden Soap Dish, Soap Dish, Wood Dish
Handmade Soap Tray, Handmade Soap Dish, Soap Dish, Dish, SOap Tray

Light Soap Trays

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Want your bar to live its longest life?

These gorgeous, locally handmade wooden trays are just what your natural soap bar has been waiting for! Whether you've made the switch to natural soap bars or you're buying natural soap bars as a gift for a friend - you'll want to make sure that bar lives its longest life! How do you make a natural soap bar last longer? You make sure it remains dry between uses and doesn't sit in a puddle of water when left on its own.

These handmade wooden trays have holes in the bottom which allow for drainage of water and to help dry out the bar between uses. The tray also has elevated grooves to keep it dry and out of water when at rest. If you're going to spend good coin on a beautiful soap, you may as well get one of these beautiful trays to make it last as long as it can!

These trays are made by a local craftsman from my hometown. Imagine my surprise when I found out these beautiful trays were being made just a stones throw away from home. Craziness! You can check out their Instagram at Klaassic_Wood.

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