• How to use our Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

    Our Cocoa Butter Bath Melts are the most luxurious thing to add to your warm bath. Simply drop the bath melt into the warm water and it will begin to melt. Massage the melted butter into the skin while you soak in the tub and allow the oil and cocoa butter to hydrate your skin. When you leave the tub, be careful it's slippery, simply pat your skin dry to leave those nourishing properties in the skin.
  • Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

    This is a simple, delicious recipe made from items typically found in the pantry. They make for a quick and easy dessert option and are a favourite...
  • How to store soap bars to keep their scent the longest

    Store your bar soap in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to ensure they keep their scent as long as possible.
  • Monster Cookie Recipe

    Today I'm sharing my chewy Monster Cookie Recipe. This one is easy to make, is gluten free and is a favourite for the whole family!
  • Why use a lotion bar?

    We've been asked no less than a million times in the last year to launch a lotion bar for all those dry skin issues!  If you haven't seen or used ...
  • How I Organize My Week to Achieve My Goals

    This post includes a free weekly printable planner that I use to organize my week to ensure I am on track to reach my goals. This can be used to plan for business or life in general.
  • What's for Dinner

    What to make for dinner? It may just be the hardest question to answer on the planet. Included in this post in a free, downloadable meal planner I use to make meal planning and grocery shopping a little easier.
  • How to Make Your Own Coloured Easter Eggs

    Looking for a fun way to dress up your Easter table setting? Or maybe you want a fun DIY activity to do with the kids?! Using minimal ingredients t...
  • At Home Science Experiment: Why we need soap when washing our hands

    Here's an easy experiment to do at home with the kids! Science can be fun, sometimes the challenge is figuring out how to demonstrate it properly t...
  • How to make Chemistry fun with the kids

    Need a way to teach the kids math and science in a fun and interesting way? Here's a way that you can teach both subjects at the same time, with i...
  • Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

    I've created a little quarantine scavenger hunt you can do at home with the kids. Adults, you can play too, it may be more fun than scrolling for a while! Click "Read More" to grab your printable scavenger hunt checklist!
  • Homemade Play Dough Recipe

    In the event you need something to keep the kids busy while we live through isolation and the guaranteed "I'm bored"phase of the week

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