Plant The Soap Label

Did you know you can plant the label on your SOAK Bath Co soap bar? That's right! We wanted to create a soap bar that was made with all-natural, vegan friendly ingredients AND eco-friendly and sustainable. Why not create a soap bar that is totally gorgeous and zero waste!? The best part, if you're gifting our soap bars to friends and family members it's like giving two gifts in one! A gorgeous soap bar to indulge in a little self care and a wildflower bouquet!

The label on each SOAK Bath Co soap bar is made with biodegradable, plantable seed paper, so you can plant the label and it will grow into wildflowers! The paper on each label is entirely biodegradable so the paper will decompose in the soil when planted. Each label contains the same blend of wildflower seeds, the seeds are not specific to each soap bar, so each label will be a surprise with what comes up to bloom!

Here are a few helpful hints to guide you as you prepare to plant your soap bar label. The wildflower seed mix is hearty and capable of growing in a small container inside or outside, in a flower bed or in the garden. You can plant the entire label itself (as one piece) or cut it up into small pieces to disperse into different parts of your flower bed, garden or container.  

The wildflower blend contains any of the following wildflower seeds:

  • Bird's Eye
  • Clarkia
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Catchfly
  • Snapdragon

How to plant your SOAK Bath Co soap bar label:

The soap labels can be planted in a container for the patio, a container indoors or in a garden bed outside!

Here's the best way to get your soap bar labels to bloom into wildflowers!
🪴 Prepare a pot of topsoil or potting mix (if planting in a container)
🪴 Place the entire label label on top of the soil bed, we recommend cutting up your label into multiple pieces to fill the container evenly
🪴 Generously water the soil and labels until damp
🪴 Cover the labels with 1/8" of soil
🪴 Generously water one last time so the soil is damp
🪴 These soap bar labels love to be in full sun and for the soil to remain damp through germination and blooming
Tag us in your planting adventures on Instagram or Facebook @cksoakbathco we'd love to feature your planting progress!
Our Soap Bar Collection is labelled with biodegradable, plantable seed papers so you can plant the label and it will grow into wildflowers! Shop our Soap Bar Collection here:


If you’d prefer to see a video on how to plant the label I created one on Instagram that you can view here: