cocoa butter lotion bar is moisturizing for the skin
cocoa butter lotion bar
cocoa butter lotion bar
cocoa butter lotion bars

Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar

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This Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar is the ultimate moisturizer. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax come together for a simple and effective way to hydrate the skin. There is no added scent to this blend however the natural cocoa butter scent gives this a beautiful chocolate smell. If you've tried our bath melts, it's the same scent!

How to use: 

Take the lid off the tube and notice the lotion bar is flush with the edges of the tube. Gently push on the very bottom of the tube to wiggle the lotion bar loose so you can get the lotion portion above the paperboard. 

While holding the lotion bar above the paperboard edge, smooth the product over dry, itchy skin. The solid lotion should glide onto the skin smoothly allowing the nourishing ingredients to work their way into the skin. 

Remember to let the lotion bar drop back into the tube before putting the lid on. 

To learn more about our lotion bar visit our blog:

 *Currently not available for wholesale 


Raw Cocoa Butter - we love the kind that's not deodorized so you get that naturally rich, chocolate aroma 

Coconut Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Manitoba Beeswax

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