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About SOAK Bath Co

SOAK Bath Co is a woman owned, handmade, luxury bath and body brand based in Niverville, Manitoba, Canada. Each of our products are handmade by our local team of women in our Canadian studio with all natural, vegan friendly ingredients. SOAK Bath Co makes fun and amazing things like soap bars and bath bombs! We believe in creating sustainable products that are friendly for the planet and are good for our skin. SOAK Bath Co's eco-friendly soap bars do just that! Each of our handmade soap bars are labelled with biodegradable, plantable seed paper so you can plant our soap labels and they'll grow into wildflowers!

More than just a product line of beautiful handmade soap bars, we truly make the perfect, thoughtful gifts. Shop our Soap Bar Collection for all of your gifting needs!


Candace Alarie, CEO and Founder of SOAK Bath Co. An all natural, handmade bath and body brand

Meet the Founder

Candace Alarie is the CEO, Founder and original maker and shaker of SOAK Bath Co! Passionate about making skincare products that are great for her skin and a love for gorgeous, self-care products, Candace sought out to research alternatives for natural skincare products she could make on her own. So she did just that with all natural oils and butters she could find in her pantry.

Candace started the SOAK Bath Co brand by making soap from a humble kitchen counter in batches of ten soap bars at a time. The business eventually grew into needing a little more space so the soap factory was relocated to her home basement where the true foundation of this dream would all begin. In 2019, Candace made the decision to pursue building SOAK Bath Co full-time and resigned from her 10 year corporate career.

What started as a hobby, making natural bath and body care products for her and her family has now grown to employ a local team of 7 incredible women who make and ship the product line and operate in a commercial space of just over 3000 square feet. SOAK Bath Co has the opportunity to work with over 500 retail partners across Canada and the USA that carry the SOAK Bath Co brand in store for you to discover. 

Today, the SOAK Bath Co team makes and ships every item in the product line from our studio in Niverville, Manitoba, Canada. Find us sharing the day-to-day behind the scenes of building and running a local soap making brand on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cksoakbathco/ 

SOAK Bath Co an all natural, handmade luxury bath and body brand