Why I Started Soap Making

If you didn't already know, my name is Candace Alarie, and I'm the owner and maker of SOAK Bath Co.  I have been making soap and other bath and body products for over 5 years now.

It all started when I got eczema in my early 20s - a nasty, dry skin condition that is simply no fun to live with! If you've never had eczema count yourself lucky, it's not pretty and it hurts! After being prescribed and trying every medicated cream on the market, none of which worked might I add, I started looking for natural alternatives to manage my eczema. A tonne of research later, I started making changes in my skin care and daily routine to live a healthier life. 

This is not an endorsement of any kind, but I got rid of all my "typical" household cleaning agents and switched to Norwex. Norwex allows me to clean my home without the use of traditional household chemicals. I started to notice a substantial decrease in the level of pain my eczema was causing after switching to Norwex. Then, I started learning how to make soap from items in my pantry. Turns out soap can be made up of household oils and butters you may have kicking around. Graduating from the soap-making university of Youtube I was well on my way to discovering a new passion in life. After using naturally sourced soap and body care products for a few weeks, my eczema started to clear up and I'm proud to report it has not come back since. 

SOAK Bath Co products are made from scratch by me, at my home studio in Niverville, Manitoba. My products are made of all natural ingredients like the oils and butters you would find in your pantry. There are no harsh detergents and no preservatives added to any of the products. I found the combination of household cleaning chemicals and the harsh, drying detergents in commercially-made soap, were aggravating my skin and causing my eczema. Years later and no flare ups since, I don't anticipate walking through a supermarket aisle of cleaning or beauty care products any time soon.

Whether you have a pesky skin condition and are looking for something to get rid of it or you're here because you love the look of the product line as much as I do, I'm glad you're here. 



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