Why Do Some Bath Bombs Have Flower Petals in them?

When we think of a dreamy at home spa day, here are a few must haves.  Eucalyptus diffusing in the air to set the mood for an invigorating, yet relaxing experience. Flower petals in the tub to set the scene for a beautiful, romantic bath. A cup of tea or a glass of wine, you can't go wrong. And that book you've been meaning to read. Couple that with your favourite bath bomb or bath salt soak and you've got the makings to an amazing self care experience right at home!

Now let's talk flower petals in the tub. Some love it and some don't. We're not here to judge it's entirely personal preference. We've created a variety of bath bombs to cater to both preferences. If we're talking real talk over here though, we are in love with botanicals in bath bombs.

The botanicals we use are lavender buds, rose petals, jasmine petals, calendula petals, and chamomile just to name a few. Each of these petals were specifically chosen for our bath bombs for their soothing properties. It sets the mood for the most relaxing at home spa night. The perfect way to gift a mom or friend that has been running non stop and just needs to stop for a little me time. What is more soothing than flowers in the tub? 

How to use the bath bomb. Drop the bath bomb into the tub and it will start to fizz. Indulge in the aromatherapy of the scent and the botanicals come up to float at the top of the water. You'll start to feel the moisturising coconut oil and avocado oil in the water that will hydrate your skin. These beautiful petals float to the top of the bath water so you can feel like an absolute goddess while you soak away the stresses of the day. 

We know what you're going to say. The petals make such a mess when the bath is done. Yes, it does. But here's a quick tip. Let the petals dry overnight, then wipe any petals sticking to the side of the tub with a dry towel the next day and simply use a vacuum cleaner to easily clean up the petals. Tada! Much easier to clean up then when the petals are still wet and you're extra relaxed from your at home spa experience. 

Here is a quick list of the bath bombs we currently make that HAVE botanicals in them.

  • Rose Petal Bath Bomb (rose petals)
  • Peppermint Bath Bomb (lavender buds, calendula petals, rose petals)
  • Lavender Bath Bomb (lavender buds)
  • Jasmine Bath Bomb (jasmine petals, chamomile, calendula petals, rose petals)
  • Oatmeal Bath Bomb (ground oats)

The rest of our bath bombs do not have added botanicals, so if you don't prefer the floating flowers while you're in the tub, then the rest of the bath bombs will be your best bet!


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