Which soap bar is best used as a hand and body soap?

Which SOAK Bath Co soap bar is best used as a hand and body soap bar?

The answer is all of them! We've formulated all of our soap bars to act as hand soap and body soap. When you're ready to use your SOAK Bath Co soap bar, we recommend slicing the bar into 4 quarters (or wedges). This gives you an easier size of soap to use in the shower or by the sink as a hand soap. Cutting the bar into quarters will allow you to elongate the life of your soap bar by keeping the soap wedges you're not using dry. Just refill when you need more soap! Simply store those other soap wedges in a cool, dry place until you're ready to use them. Or put a wedge of soap by each of your household sinks or shower ledges.

There are three bars we recommend as facial bars. The Neem Oil Soap bar is best used as a body, hand and face soap for those with very dry skin types. The Charcoal Tea Tree and Charcoal Lavender Soap bars both contain activated charcoal which helps to pull impurities from the skin. These two soap bars are best recommended for oily skin types.


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