Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for something to do with the kids? In the event you're a little overdue for some downtime, maybe you're trying to get a little work done while the kids are home or you'd like a little something different to do with them? 

Maybe you're reading this and you can think of someone who may be in need of all of the above?

The link below will provide you with a printable file that includes a scavenger hunt the kids can do right at home. Whether you want to tag along or not, you make the rules, it's designed to incorporate a little searching, a little creating and a little exercising to hopefully keep them busy for a good part of the day. Keep in mind you can definitely help them through some or all of these steps and you can do one thing from each category at a time and keep moving from one quadrant to the next. Cause I mean, who wants to do all that exercise in one shot! Break it up however you like and I hope it helps ease some boredom and free up a little time for you. 

Hope it helps,








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