Plant the Soap Label, Watch it Grow

It might be a little early to be talking about Spring, but we’re totally here for it. Goodbye snow, hello Spring! If you’ve been around for a while you may know this already, but if not, allow us to blow your mind 🤯 

Did you know you can plant the labels on our soaps and they will grow into wildflowers?

When creating the product line, it was important to us to create a product that was gorgeous, amazing for your skin, plant based and eco friendly. Our soap bars check all those boxes. Made with all natural, plant based ingredients in our Manitoba studio, our bar soap will have your skin appreciating the difference between a commercial bar or body wash versus a thoughtfully formulated, plant based soap. Now to highlight what our soap labels have to offer. 

Our soap bar labels can be planted and they will grow into wildflowers. Each label has an assortment of the following wildflower seeds included in them, so you can expect some or all of these to grow when planted: 

  • Bird’s Eye
  • Clarkia
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Catchfly
  • Snapdragon

You can plant the seed paper in a container to grow indoors or outdoors, plant them in a flower bed or in the garden to grow through the Spring and Summer months. The label can be planted as is, as one long strip, or we recommend cutting the label into multiple square pieces to arrange in a pot or designated area in your flower bed. 

How to plant the label: 

In our experience, we have found this wildflower seed blend to love damp, humid and sunny growing conditions. They’ve made it in other growing conditions but we’ve seen the most lush growth from a hot and humid summer. To plant the label:

  • Add a generous amount of water to the location you’ll be planting your label so the soil is moist underneath the paper
  • Arrange the seed paper however you’d like on top of the damp soil
  • Cover the seed paper with ⅛” of soil 
  • Add water to the planting area so soil is damp, these wildflowers love warm, damp growing conditions for the first two weeks
  • Water seed paper as needed to ensure the soil stays damp, after about two weeks you will see the seeds start to germinate into little sprouts
  • Continue to keep the soil damp as the sprouts begin to stretch and grow

In Manitoba, we typically see blooms start to happen late June through August if seed paper has been planted May long weekend.

Happy planting! 

Discover our eco friendly soap bars by checking out our Soap Bar Collection

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