How We Slice Our Soap Bars

Did you know we make our natural soap bars in batches of 10 bars? Each batch of soap is hand poured into a mold and it hardens to a texture of, basically, cheese. Once the soap loaf hardens and sets we're able to slice the loaf into 10 individual bars. 

In this photo is our Charcoal Lavender Soap loaf about to be sliced into bars. That wooden soap slicer has cut every one of our soap bars since 2019. Pretty incredible to think the journey that little soap slicer has been on since then. 

I remember being afraid to invest in buying this slicer back before we were a "thing". The slicer was $200 on Etsy and was handmade in Turkey. I thought, how crazy am I to spend $200 on something to cut soap?! Turns out it was a smart investment. This little slicer has cut thousands of soap bars since then.

It's still one of our favourite tools to use around the soap studio!

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