How to Use our Soap Bags

Have you ever seen or used a soap bag before? Well here are all the details you need to know on how and why to use one!

The best way to describe a soap bag is to imagine a reverse loofah. You want to keep a small wedge or itty bitty pieces of soap in the soap bag so that it can work up a lather and still work to cleanse your skin in the shower. A soap bag is the perfect way to use up soap scraps and pieces so they don't go to waste. 

Get the water running in the shower and when you're ready to hop in, grab the soap bag and run it under the stream of water while massaging the soap bag (with the soap in the bag) against your skin. The soap will work into a lather and make its way out of the bag and onto your skin. At the same time the natural sisal fibre of the bag acts as an exfoliator against your skin. Massage the bag against your skin and you can cleanse and exfoliate your skin at the same time. 

When you're done using the soap bag, you can simply hang it on the faucet or a small hook to drip dry. An added bonus, the soap bag will help make your soap last longer because it is able to effectively drain the water from around the soap by drip drying. 

To clean the soap bag, simply toss it into the washer and hang to dry. A soap bag is really a nice way to help minimize any mess from soap residue on shower shelves and is a way to minimize waste by using up those soap scraps. A soap bag travels really well, so throw it in your carry on or bring it to the lake and bathe in the lake. You won't lose your soap in the lake just use the string at the top to keep secured around your hand. 

If you're purchasing a soap bag from SOAK Bath Co, we have 3 sample soaps already in the bag for you to try. This allows you to try our amazing soap recipe in sample size. You can try them outside of the bag or leave them in the soap bag to use for your next shower!



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