How to use our Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

Today, I'm hoping to tackle all the questions about our luxurious, cocoa butter bath melts!

We hand pour these bath melts in our Niverville studio. Made with a blend of rich cocoa butter and sweet almond oil leave your skin feeling so hydrated. We sprinkle a touch of Himalaya bath salts and a botanical blend into each square to create an at home spa experience.

Note: There is no added scent to this blend but they do smell of natural, raw cocoa butter, which gives a beautiful, warm better-than-chocolate scent. If you've tried our lotion bars, they smell identical to those!

Each of our bath melts currently comes in a pack of six squares. We recommend you cut each square in half and stretch that pack into 12 uses - you really only need half to create an effective soak. 

How to Use: 

Draw yourself a nice warm bath, light your favourite candle, grab that book you've been trying to read and hop into the tub. Drop one of your Cocoa Butter Bath Melts into the tub (your half square is perfect!). You'll start to notice it will melt with the heat of the bath water. Once fully melted, massage the oil and butter into your skin, you'll feel it in the water so if you don't necessarily feel anything, you'll feel the difference once starting to massage your skin. Catch up on some reading until you've really made some headway into your newest novel, or the bath water gets too cold (whichever comes first)! When it's time to hop out of the bath, be careful as the tub will be slippery. When drying off the skin, pat to dry so you can keep all that nourishing goodness on your skin and body. 

The Cocoa Butter Bath Melts are one of our most luxurious products, is made of simple, clean ingredients and is made for those who primarily suffer from dry skin conditions. There is no need to lather up with lotion after using one of these as your skin will be moisturized from your soak in the tub. 

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