How to Successfully Merchandise SOAK Bath Co Soap Bars

SOAK Bath Co is open to accepting new wholesale accounts year round and has been successfully selling to shops across Canada and the United States since 2019. The SOAK Bath Co product line flourishes in exclusive retail environments like boutique gift shops, upscale salons and spas, florist shops, minimal waste concept shops like refilleries, and greenhouses just to name a few. 

At SOAK Bath Co, we've made our mark by creating the Cadillac of soap bars. We're excited for you to receive your shipment of delicious smelling soap bars!  Each bar is artfully crafted by hand, from scratch, in our beautiful Manitoba studio. We want to ensure our soap bars have high sell through for your shop and have put together a few ideas below to help do that.

Here are a few tips on merchandising our SOAK Bath Co soap bars to optimize sell through on the product line. These are tips that have been assembled watching consumer behaviour at in person markets along with feedback and display ideas from some of our top selling stores. 

The quantity of soap bars ordered and the amount of shelf space you have to work with will play a factor on how effective the display will be so I've tried to give some options below while keeping that in mind. 

Let's say you've decided to test us out with a smaller order and have just one or a few of each soap bar SKU. OR, you're running a little low on stock and just want to make the display a little prettier until the reorder arrives. To make an impactful, shoppable display, we suggest assembling the soap bars together in a tray like the photo shown below. What we've found from endless markets is if you have single SKUs of soap bars standing on their own on a shelf or table top, they just don't get picked up. It's like the customer doesn't want to be the one to grab the last one or maybe the bars look a little lonely just scattered on a table top standing up. If they're merchandised in a tray with their other soap friends, it helps the product look stocked and merchandised.  

SOAK Bath Co soap bar displayed in tray  SOAK Bath Co all natural, handmade soap bars  

Now let's say you've brought in a larger quantity of product, like our suggested best sellers and our suggested starting quantity. These displays are our favourites! We've found the most effective way to merchandise our bars is to keep it simple. Let the bars stand out for themselves. Merchandise each soap bar SKU in bundles of 4 or 5 bars together, like the photo in the header of this post or the one directly below. By bundling the like soap bars in bundles of 4 or 5 bars, it's easier for the customer to visually see the line of soap you've brought in and decide what they may want to try first. Our brains are scientifically proven to want order and organization so we want to create that for our potential buyer. By categorizing the bars it helps to reduce the overwhelming decision on where to start, which bar to pick. Remember the customer doesn't see your shop every day and all the beautiful things in it so there's a lot to process at once. The easier it is to visually identify the product, the better chance of making a quick decision.

SOAK Bath Co handmade soap bars SOAK Bath Co vegan soap bars

 Our soap bars stand out amongst many other brands for a few reasons:

  • their unique shape and design
  • plantable seed paper label which makes the entire product zero waste
  • the scents are really beautiful 
  • our digital brand presence, namely instagram @cksoakbathco

We want to empower your shop to be the go-to in the area for picking up our latest soap bar releases or being that place where anyone can stop in and buy a beautiful, meaningful gift. 


If you're a returning wholesale customer looking to place a re-order, you can do so on our wholesale website: If you're not sure of the password to access the wholesale website, please send us a quick message via email at or use the chat on this site. 

If you're a gift shop owner considering bringing the SOAK Bath Co brand into your store and onto your shelves, we encourage you to apply to our wholesale program by filling out this form:

If you're a shop based in the United States we encourage you to purchase our line on Faire Wholesale at this link 


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