How Our Bath Bombs Came to Be

When I started thinking about what products to offer in the SOAK Bath Co product line, one of the must haves was bath bombs. Why? I'm not going to lie, I first fell in love with bath bombs when I strolled into a LUSH store years ago. I hadn't even heard of bath bombs until that fateful day years and years ago. Then I started stockpiling drawers full of bath bombs (not to mention the 2 drawers full of fancy soaps I stockpiled from various soap shops before I started all this). I loved the scent combinations but, the bath bombs I was purchasing often left my skin feeling very dry and I had to lather up with so much lotion when I got out of the tub that I started to think there had to be a better way.

When it came to bath bombs for the business, I knew I wanted a bath bomb that gave all the benefits of aromatherapy that I loved in a bath bomb, gave the at home spa-like experience so I could take my mind off the day once I got into the tub. AND I wanted a bath bomb that would moisturise my skin. Not dry it out like every other bath bomb I had purchased from various companies. 

So when it came time to formulating the bath bomb recipe I made sure we packed it with skin loving ingredients like coconut oil and avocado oil to give them the ultimate skin moisturising experience. I'll be honest, some don't like this about our bath bombs and I respectfully want to say thank you for trying us out. And most others, love our bath bombs for the same reason I designed the recipe to be what it is today. 

If you purchase our bath bombs you'll notice they are much more moisturising than any other bath bomb than you've ever tried. The natural coconut oil gives your skin a hydrating boost so you don't need to lather up with a tonne of lotion when you hop out of the tub. Note: careful, the tub will be slippery!

Did you know that my mom (this is Candace speaking...) made every single bath bomb for the first 2 years of the business? That's right. Super woman herself. I made the soaps and mom made the bath bombs. Like we were both chief creative officers of our own divisions in the company. 

The photo above is how our bath bombs first looked when we started the business, until I would say about a year in and we updated the entire brand. We started by printing labels off a home printer. Designing through Microsoft word. I'm not even sure if that even exists anymore. But we made it work, you don't have to have it all figured out when you start. You've just got to start and see what sticks. 


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