How I came up with the Business Name

I often get asked, what's with the "ck" in your business name? Or my instagram handle @cksoakbathco. 

I will admit, on its own it doesn't make much sense. But the "c" is for Candace (me) and "k" is for Ken - my brother's name, and why this all kind of happened by accident. So, I found it fitting to add this prefix to my business name. Please don't tell him I give him any credit for this because I'll never hear the end of it! 

As for SOAK Bath Co, I really wanted something to represent my favourite feeling of relaxing and soaking in the tub at the end of a very long day or week. I have always been a soap nerd (soap hoarder actually) and loved beautiful soap bars and I knew soap had to be part of the product line. On top of that it only felt right to add a few extra bath accessories I love to use on a weekly basis, like the bath salts, bath bombs and bath melts. 

So that's the short and sweet on how the name, SOAK Bath Co, came to be... Ok if we're getting technical here it is in fact ck SOAK Bath Co Ltd. 

So many letters...



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