Bring this on your next camping trip! 🏕️

Can we all take a moment to indulge in the fact that it’s camping 🏕️ season?! I don’t even camp but the fact that the weather is nice enough for humans to willingly sleep outside for a whole weekend… well that’s something to celebrate!

If you happen to have our Espresso Candle, camping season is the perfect season to bring this candle along. A cozy, coffee scented addition to any rainy spurts you may encounter. OR if you’ve long burned away that Espresso candle, clean out the mug + bring it along as a camping mug!

How to Light a Candle for the best burn 🔥

It’s all in the tilt. 

That’s right, when lighting your candle, especially on the first burn, it’s important to tilt your candle to the side when lighting the initial flame. Tilting your candle allows the flame to catch the wick better, giving your candle a much longer burn with a fuller flame. The better that initial burn is the more even your candle will burn down as you light it in the future. So remember, when you go to light that candle, give it a tilt and bring the flame to the wick!

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