5 Fun Facts About our Soap Bars

If you didn't already know, our product line started as a result of soap making and soap testing for years and years before this was all turned into a business. I started to get eczema on my hands in my early twenties and it eventually started popping up in other areas on my skin. Eczema is a very dry skin condition that causes cracking and bleeding of the skin. Combine that with -40 temperatures in a Manitoba winter and it is just no fun. So I started experimenting with making my own soap and body products from all natural ingredients. I was mostly drawn to the soap making process as it resembles a lot of what I love about baking. Combining different oils and butters, powders and scented oils to create an entirely different final product. The best part was I found it was completely effective in keeping my eczema away. I'd been making soap for years in my own kitchen to take care of my skin condition and, in a nutshell, eventually grew into the soap business you see today.

Here are a few fun things about each of our soap bars:

  • Our bar soap is handmade in batches of 10 bars - right here in our Niverville, Manitoba studio. Making soap in our small batches help ensure the highest quality standard soap bar is made every time! It's easier to control the aesthetic of the bar and the appropriate combination of oils and butters when made in small batches.
  • Our soap bars are Palm Oil Free - we use coconut oil in our recipes as a more moisturizing and environmentally friendly alternative to palm oil. 
  • Our bar soap is entirely Zero Waste - the best thing ever. Each of our soap bars is wrapped with biodegradable, plantable seed paper so you can plant the label + it will grow into wildflowers! This creates a zero waste, completely sustainable final product. So you can fee great about using a no waste product in your bathroom, kitchen and home in general every time you use a SOAK Bath Co soap bar.
  • Vegan Friendly - each of our soap bars is vegan except the Oatmeal, Milk + Honey Soap bar which is made with goat's milk which gives a little added nourishment for the skin. We load up our soap bars with skin loving ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil to bring you the most moisturizing bar on the market.
  • Our soap bar scents are divine - no really, they really are. True to what the bars should smell like, we give a generous portion of scented oils to each soap recipe to ensure each bar smells wonderful from the minute it hits your doorstep to the time you're ready-to-gift them. Our soap bars tend to hold the best level of scent for a year after they are made. To keep that wonderful scent lasting it's longest, store your soap bar in a cool dry place (like a cupboard, drawer, closet) until you're ready to use them. 

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