Why use a lotion bar?

We've been asked no less than a million times in the last year to launch a lotion bar for all those dry skin issues! 

If you haven't seen or used a lotion bar before it's basically a solid form of lotion that gets applied to the skin for a more moisturizing experience. A lotion bar allows us to make a completely all natural product that is more moisturizing than a traditional lotion. Why? A traditional liquid lotion has a lot of added water to it, no shame in adding water but I know for myself in the middle of a Canadian winter, I need all the skin moisturizing I can get.

I, Candace (still me writing these), have been using this lotion bar recipe for years and it's been particularly helpful in our cold winter months. The combination of super simple ingredients will leave your skin feeling hydrated, not greasy. We make each of these with a beautiful blend of coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and Manitoba made beeswax. There is no added scent to our Cocoa Butter Lotion bar but the raw cocoa butter itself gives off a delicious, chocolate aroma. If you've tried our bath melts, the lotion bar smells the same as the melts. 

We wanted to find packaging that would be both earth friendly and functional. To be honest, those two things in the packaging world today are difficult to source. The easy-to-use containers are not necessarily sustainable and the sustainable packaging is not necessarily user friendly. So bare with us as we test this applicator out alongside you! We've chosen a sustainable, paperboard "push pop" style container for our first lotion bar - we'd love to know your feedback while you're using these! The paperboard container is made of recycled paper products and is compostable once you're done with it.

How to use: 

Take the lid off the tube and notice the lotion bar is flush with the edges of the tube. Gently push on the very bottom of the tube to wiggle the lotion bar loose so you can get the lotion portion above the paperboard. 

Smooth the solid lotion over dry, itchy skin like elbows, knees and full body in those especially cold winter months. The solid lotion should glide onto the skin smoothly allowing the nourishing ingredients to work their way into the skin. 

Remember to let the lotion bar drop back into the tube before putting the lid on. 

We've paired our new lotion bar with our Neem Oil soap bar + Cocoa Butter Bath Melts to make the ultimate "please rescue my dry skin because it's freezing out" situation. 

I'll link the bundle and individualized lotion bar below. 




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