Which soap bar do you recommend as a facial bar?

Which soap bar do you recommend as a facial bar?

We often get asked which of our soap bars are best used as facial soap bars. We're sharing our top 3 recommendations.

For oily skin types we recommend the Charcoal Tea Tree soap bar. Made with activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil, this duo of ingredients helps to pull toxins and impurities from the skin to give you a deeper clean. While the tea tree essential oil helps to soothe redness from the skin. If you don't love the smell of tea tree essential oil, we also have a Charcoal Lavender soap bar that has all the benefits of charcoal and the soothing properties of lavender in it.

For dry skin types, we recommend the Neem Oil Soap bar. This bar has no added scent to it but it does have a subtle nutty scent that comes from the neem oil being combined in the soap making process. Use this as a facial, hand soap or body soap bar.

We recommend slicing your soap bar into 4 quarters when you're ready to use it. This makes the soap bar easier to handle when applying to the face or body to cleanse the skin. It also allows you to preserve the life of the soap bar a lot longer. This happens because you can use one soap bar wedge at a time while keeping the other soap bar pieces dry.

One thing to note, if you are using a soap bar that contains Peppermint Essential oil, do not use it on the face. Peppermint essential oil naturally gives off a hot/cool type of feeling which can hurt the eyes if it gets too close to them. 



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