What Made me Take the Leap and Start a Soap Business

When I was a kid I always dreamed of owning my own business. Mom and Dad have owned and operated their own businesses all their lives and I loved the lifestyle it provided. Were there sacrifices? So many. And I, as one of the kids, saw most of them. But in the long run, I thought those sacrifices were worth it for the life I wanted for me and my family. 

Fast forward to life after high school and four long (but oh so short) years of university where I finished a Bachelor of Commerce at the Asper School of Business. I hopped right into a management career with a rental car company that will remain nameless (We'll pick you up anyone??). I truly loved this career. I ascended the corporate ladder quickly and lived in Manitoba, then Saskatchewan then back home again. It was 1000 miles an hour each and every day. To some that may sound like a nightmare, but to me it's always been "all or nothing" and I loved it.

P.S. I don't have human kids, I imagine that helps. But the dog is basically human so....


SOAK Bath Co kind of happened by accident in August 2018. I was teaching my brother the art of soap making at mom and dads one day and he somewhat took to the trade. The creative process of making soap bars is so much fun. Blending different natural colours, botanicals and experimenting with designs truly gets the creative process flowing. Then... there were suddenly, like, hundreds of bars in the house. And I knew just the thing to make some space. A friend of mine was running a craft show so I signed us up. I taught my brother the selling points of each bar and what each one was designed for. The crowds loved it. You see up until then I was always on the lookout for a business to start, I simply didn't know what the business would be. What would I sell? How would I make a living?

By December 2018 I knew I found the business I was looking to start "for real." SOAK Bath Co was born in January 2019 and I knew I was going to make a real go of this business. I resigned from a very comfortable 10 year career with my final days there in February 2019. Let me tell you there were many tears and fears involved in that decision, they're still present some days. I loved my career, I loved my teams and I loved my business partners but something inside said "it's time to go."

So here we are. Right smack dab in the middle of my literal dream. Is it all lollipops and rainbows? Most days it isn't. The rainbows are as few as they are in real life but when they do show up they make every other day worth the struggle.

Have I told you how happy I am that you're here? You being here is kind of like that rainbow showing up. Ok that's too sappy!

What are your day dreams? Do you get to live your dream daily or are fear and circumstances constantly lingering?

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