The Bowl of Failure

The Bowl of Failure

⬆️ This beautiful bowl of soaps here is one of my earliest bowls of failure. This bowl represents pieces of soap bars I had made in the early days of the business. Soaps that were sliced into smaller pieces because for one reason or another the full soap bar did not meet the aesthetic or scent I was looking for. So I brought this bowl of soap pieces to a few markets (pre pandemic) and explained this to a young girl, she must’ve been 7 or 8 years old. When I finished explaining that these were soaps that didn’t make the cut she replied back matter of factly, “so this is your bowl of failure?” I. Burst. Out. Laughing. 

She was right though, it was my current bowl of failure. Just one of them with many more to come. Failure can show up in many ways, and can hold beauty in itself. I mean, aren’t they ⬆️ beautiful?! This was one of the many ways we were able to repurpose soap bars that may have otherwise been considered waste. 

I imagine that if you are a human being reading this (thank you by the way for reading what I’m creating) it’s likely you are struggling with something and maybe have experienced what you may consider a failure recently. Although it can be painful, there is likely beauty in that failure and likely a lesson or two that can be applied to next steps. Whatever it is, I am sending all the positive vibes your way. We’re not meant to get everything right, especially not the first time. 



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