Loving the earth with our Zero Waste Soap Bars

You might have heard us talk about our soap bars being “zero waste” and wondered what that actually means. Well, we’re going to break it down for you. From the way we use excess scraps, to the biodegradable label, our natural soap bars really are a testament to our love for this planet and how passionately we feel about reducing our footprint. At SOAK Bath Co, we believe in creating sustainable products that are friendly for the planet and are good for our skin.
No scrap left behind! We ensure we are able to use every last bit throughout the soap creation process. This starts when we’re experimenting with new scents and styles. When we're looking to test new soap bar recipes we often make multiple test recipes before ever launching a new soap. Sometimes, we love what we’ve created, but other times we want to make a creative change and decide to try again. 
These “tester” soaps are kept and sliced into our Soap Sample Stacks. These adorable stacks feature five various soap scents and designs. This allows us to repurpose the perfectly good tester soaps while giving you the chance to test out our luxury soaps and feel the difference they can make on your skin.
Another way we have been able to repurpose leftover soap scraps is with the creation of our Stained Glass Soap Bar. This soap bar features bits and pieces of leftover soap scraps that have been cut into smaller pieces and added to a charcoal soap bar base. This design creates a mosaic of one of a kind soap bars that are truly unique. These gorgeous bars are always launched as a limited release as we need to wait until we have enough soap scraps to make another batch, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re hoping to grab one of these unique bars. 
Another creative way we use our soap scraps is by bundling a few soap ends into our Soap Saver Bags. These soap bags are made from a sustainable and renewable plant called Sisal, and work as a reverse loofah to nourish and exfoliate the skin. We bundle three soap ends into each bag allowing our customers to test out a variety of scents with each soap bag purchase. 
Finally, comes the packaging and this is where it gets really fun! Each of our natural soap bars is wrapped in a biodegradable papel label containing wildflower seeds. These labels can be cut up or planted whole in a pot or garden bed and with proper watering, will produce a gorgeous variety of wildflowers. So not only are the soap bar labels not hurting the earth, but they’re adding more beautiful flowers to it.
At SOAK Bath Co, caring for our planet is a priority, which is why we are so passionate about coming up with ways to reduce our footprint and take care of our earth. We strive to create products your skin will love and your heart will feel good about supporting. 

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