How to store soap bars to keep their scent the longest

How to store soap bars to keep their scent the longest

We often get asked "how do I store my soap bar so the scent stays with the bar the longest?!"

Well if you're anything like me you may have a soap stash somewhere in your home. That collection of beautiful soap bars is likely hiding in an overflowing drawer in the bedroom or bathroom. Maybe in a linen closet to have that wonderful smell freshen up the linens. If you are doing any of the above then that's exactly where those bars should be hanging out. Soap bars love hanging out in a cool, dry place. Something like a drawer, a dark closet, or leave them in the shipping box it arrived in. If a bar is left in direct sunlight it is much more likely to experience what we call "scent fade".

Scent fade is very normal in bar soap. This is simply what happens over time in a solid bar of soap, the scent starts to fade out of the bar. We test our soap bars for scent fade by making batches months in advance and seeing how long the scent holds up. We find that scent fade starts to set in anywhere from 1 to 2 years after it's made. Many essential oils tend to fade faster than fragrance oils and many essential oils simply don't get used in our recipes because of scent fade. Some of them don't even make it through the first 5 days of the soap being made. It's common for essential oils like Eucalyptus or any Citrus scents to fade very quickly. We've been fortunate to come up with a wonderful combination of essential oils in our Citrus Poppyseed bar that lasts over a year but many other beautiful scents like Grapefruit and Mandarin simply don't stand the scented test of time. 

We remain committed to producing the freshest and most beautifully scented soap bars. We make each of our soap bars in small batches to ensure we don't over produce and run the risk of scent fade setting in too soon. We often get compliments on how scented our soap bars are, this is because we are continually on top of what soap needs to be produced and when and we are able to keep each bar as fresh as possible. 

If you happen to be a shop of ours and are curious on how to store overstock bars. Simply leave them in their shipping boxes in a storage room or closet until they are ready to hit the shelves. This will allow the bars to maintain a beautiful, fresh scent. 

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