How to Make Your Soap Bar Last Longer

Have you ever noticed that natural, handmade soap bars tend to wear away more quickly than your typical drugstore brand soap bar? That's because natural soaps aren't made with hardening agents and detergents. The average commercial soap bar has added hardening agents to help bars last longer and added detergents to create more lather in their soap bars. Although it's great for a soap bar to last that much longer, you'll feel the difference on your skin. Detergents will dry out the skin. 

We've come up with a few hacks to help your natural soap bar last longer so you can continue experiencing the skin softening benefits of our natural bar soap. The biggest factor in maintaining the life of your soap bar is to keep it as dry as possible between uses and allowing proper drainage of water around the bar. 

The first thing we recommend is, when you're ready to use our soap bar, slice it up into 4 separate wedges. All you need to do this grab a cutting board and chef's knife from your kitchen, take the label off the soap bar and cut the soap bar into quarters. You can then disperse each quarter to where you need soap, for example, bathroom sinks, showers, kitchen sinks. Or, place your soap wedge where you'd like to use it and store the other quarters into a cool, dry cupboard or closet space. When you use up your current wedge you can grab another. What's great about this is it keeps the majority of your soap bar dry and you're just using what you need, when you need it. 

Our second recommendation is to use a raised soap dish or soap tray to allow water drainage around your soap bar when it's sitting by the sink or on a shower ledge. You can find our soap saver dishes at this link: soap dish. These soap savers allow your bar to dry out once you're done with it, and prevent the soap from sitting in a pile of water. 

Our third recommendation is to use a mesh soap bag. We have our natural fibre, sisal soap bags here. These soap bags allow the soap bar to dry out between uses. Simply place your soap bar or soap scraps in the bag and when you're done using the soap bag you can hang it on the faucet to allow it to drip dry. Again, this allows water to drain easily around the soap so it's not sitting in a puddle of water. 

We hope these tips have been helpful and allow you to last your natural soap bar as long as possible!

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