How our Citrus Poppyseed Soap Bar Came to Be

How our Citrus Poppyseed Soap Bar Came to Be

Our Citrus Poppyseed Soap Bar is loved among many and came about because of a favourite childhood memory.

When I was younger, I'm talking under 10 years old younger, mom would take my brother and I to grandma and grandpa's farm where we would help pick the vegetable garden. I don't honestly know if we were much help but I do remember having a lot of fun. Grandma always planted a big garden full of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans and carrots just to name a few. When we got to picking the peas and beans I guess we (my brother and I) weren't the greatest at it because we just picked the ones we could see. Who knew there was a whole bunch hiding under the leaves?!?

So we'd end up picking ice cream pails full of peas, beans, sometimes a wheelbarrow full of cucumber and zucchini. Grandma used to prop old window screens on boxes and lay ripening tomatoes on them, same with the onions. They'd get plenty of airflow this way, the screens were genius for this! We'd anxiously await the day all those vegetables would be turned into delicious sauces and canned goods. We'd wash our hands up in the outdoor sink the climb our big muddy steps into the house to play and wait for grandma to make our 3 o'clock chocolate milkshakes.

The Citrus Poppyseed Soap bar was made with these times in mind. I wanted to create a bright, beautiful soap bar that was functional after those long summer days in the garden. The poppyseed scattered throughout the soap bar help to wash away those chunks of dirt caught in hands and fingernails from a day of playing in the garden. Our blend of lemon essential oil and orange essential oil really help to get a better clean not to mention the aroma is so bright and delicious. The beautiful bright orange of the bar is created naturally with annatto seed powder and just gives it the most amazing pop of colour. 

I hope you enjoy and are able to make some amazing summer memories just like this one!




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