From Day Camp to Campsite: The Perfect Summer Accessory

From Day Camp to Campsite: The Perfect Summer Accessory

If you’re looking for a mess-free way to send kids to camp with their soap this summer or you want to make packing for the weekend camping trip a little easier, we’re here to help!

Our Sisal Soap Saver Bag is a convenient, mess-free way to bring your bar soap to the cabin, to camp or the campsite with you this summer. Put your favourite wedge of bar soap into the bag and you’re set for the week! Easily stashed into a carry-on if you're travelling or a backpack for a hiking and camping trip, the Soap Saver Bags travel well and allow you to use your favourite soap wherever you go! If you’re dealing with tiny RV showers or hauling your shower essentials from campsite to shower stall, the Soap Saver Bag is easy to carry and easy to slip into a toiletries bag.

Not sure how to use a Sisal Soap Saver Bag? These sustainable shower essentials are like a reverse loofah. Put a wedge of your favourite SOAK Bath Co natural bar soap into the bag and pull the drawstring. Better yet, the Sisal Soap Saver bag can be used to put all your bar soap scraps into one place so they can be used up, down to the last drop. No more messy soap pieces on the shower or bath ledge! Once you've got soap in the soap bag, hop into the shower and let the water run over your body. Then begin to massage the soap saver bag against your wet skin and you'll find the soap lather will come through the soap saver bag while the sisal fibres (the bag itself) begins to exfoliate your skin at the same time.

Once you're done in the shower, your sisal soap saver bag can then easily be hung on the bath or shower faucet, allowing your bar soap to dry between uses, and keeping your bar soap lasting longer. If you're travelling with the soap saver or taking it on a camping trip it easily fits back into a toiletries bag until your next trip to the shower. 

Our Sisal Soap Saver bag is functional, versatile and sustainable. Making your showering experience more convenient when you're out enjoying the sunny outdoors!

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