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Candle: Espresso

Candle: Espresso

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Our Espresso scented candle is hand poured into a blush pink enamel mug. Scented with rich notes of coffee bean + espresso, you'll love to cozy up to this candle! 

Espresso is our very first collaboration in the candle space with Farmer's Son Co.

Each of these beautiful candles has been hand poured right here in Manitoba by Dan and his team at Farmer's Son Co. Scented with the most beautiful rich blend of espresso, you'll get notes of your favourite brew and undertones of a little spice.

This candle is hand poured into a blush pink, reusable enamel mug. Once the candle is burned down fully, clean the mug of any excess wax with hot soapy water and use for your morning coffee mug. 

This candle is handmade in Manitoba with soy wax and fine fragrance oil. 

*This candle is not available for wholesale purchase at this time

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