What's for Dinner

What's for dinner? Whether you're feeding yourself or a family of 6 this may just be the hardest question to answer on the planet. I have recently embarked on a nutrition journey to help fuel my body, versus simply trying to get by each and every day. I have discovered that building a business requires a lot of "human fuel" (energy) and my former diet of chips, cookies and pepsi just wasn't cutting it. (For the record, I still find them delicious).

So I met with a nutritionist, she told me some things I already knew but didn't want to hear about how I was taking care of my body. I've committed to making a change because I simply was not headed towards a great outcome. Would I like to be diagnosed with diabetes in the near future? I think not. Not only do I want to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day to be able to lug these big boxes of soap and bath bombs around but my diet was affecting my brain clarity and ultimately my ability to make good, sound business decisions. 

If we need to put a label on this, I am starting my nutrition journey on the Keto diet. More on this later, I think I'd like to share a few neat things on this blog with you on great recipes and some great substitutes to help eliminate sugar and carbs from our normal, everyday diet. Today what I wanted to share is a tool that I created to help set me up for success as it relates to my daily food intake. 

I created this meal planner to help me plan out my meals ahead of time. On Sunday, I sit down, look at what food I already have and can itemize what I need to purchase to make my meals for the week. Now that I know what foods I'm supposed to be eating to fuel my body, it's much easier to understand the meals I can create and what general ingredients I should consistently have on hand. 

Click the link below if you'd like to download this free PDF. I hope it helps bring some organization to your day and minimize a little of the everyday chaos that surrounds "What's for Dinner?"




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